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Nov 8, 2012 4:00am EST
within the hour. and banks, health care and gun stocks all reacting to yesterday's election result in the u.s. we'll head out to new york city later in the show for a preview of what to expect on wall street today. and more than 2,000 hand picked chinese delegates gathered at the great hall of the people to kick off the communist party week long transition. beijing will only officially reveal the next generation leaders thursday. hu jintao promised political and economic reform, but he stressed china won't abandon one party rule and will stick to the socialist path. eunice is live for us. this is his big final speech, so reading in sort of between the lines almost is very telling. it's the legacy he's trying to cath. and what less gassy is that? >> many here believe what he is saying is significant in that it is his final farewell. he really was just reading through the work report to talks about the achievements, the economic and political achievements that the party has had. and also to outline the future challenges. one of the first challenges you had already addressed is the is
Nov 9, 2012 4:00am EST
. >> from our point of you view, the u.s. election outcome was exactly what we expected. it's no surprise that germany is being negatively impacted by what's going on in europe. this is the biggest export markets. our expectation is that germany will pretty much flat line over the next four quarters. it's hard to many sources of growth in the eurozone. and trying to do it amid flat growth or recession is awfully difficult. >> andrew, good to see you. have a good weekend whenever it starts. what one nation's waste could be another's growth driver. the nikkei has more for us. >> yeah, japan's household garbage may be the solution to the electricity shortage. the government plans to introduce a subsidy aiming to increa increase. japan has 20 million tons of food waste that goes to landfills. that could provide 5% of the nation's electricity. it may be able to triple the amount of bios mass generation by 2030. a big reason for the push is because japan needs to reduce its reliance on expensive oil imports. back to you, ross. >> okay p thank you. >>> let's take a look at what's on the agenda i
Nov 15, 2012 4:00am EST
to tokyo with japan hit by election fever. the yen is falling as a repeated call for bold monetary easing. and we'll be live in new york 5:45 a.m. for a look at the u.s. retail sector. walmart and target getting set to release third quarter numbers. >>> chig that's ruling com uhe nus party has lifted the curtain. the unveiling seals so s xi jins rise. hu has seeded oig all powers and that's gives china's next leader a strong mandate. eunice has more for us this morning. it sounds like a pretty signature consolidation of power under xi. >> definitely is a consolidation of power. he'll get a very strong mandate as you had mentioned to run this country the way that he wants. he gets the three top titles, the most powerful are party chief, president as well as military commander. that is very significant because it allows him to have more control over his own agenda. when he went to meet the press this morning, he was looking very casual, looking a about folksy. when he was youtd lining the challenges ahead for the nation. >> our party faces many challenges and there are many pressing problem
Nov 12, 2012 4:00am EST
know, jockeying for position, when is the next election going to be. it will be over the next four to five months. until we have a new government, these really needed deregulation policies aren't likely to be fort coming and when you look at japan, you're basically looking at the fortunes of the exporters, china, currency and america. >> okay. thanks for that. dominic will stick around. we'll have more on january pjapn in the show. first over to china. the economy may have performed weste better, but liquidity a big issue. outstanding yuan loans came in smaller than consensus. still over the weekend, the country did report a solid trade surplus. the biggest in 45 months for the month of october. eunice has more on this report from beijing. >> ahead of the leadership transition, chinese policymakers are painting a rosy picture of the economy. they said it's turning a corner and that he's confident the country will meet its full year economic target of 7.5%. the export data for october also came in surprisingly strong thanes to better than expected sales to the united states and even
Nov 13, 2012 4:00am EST
term, indeed we have the german elections in september, as to we don so we didn't see that happening ahead of that. >> did did you get restructured on on your greek debt? >> we had the august 2011 which we got paid in full and we had the march 2011 restructured. so small little bits of restructured debt. >> are we going to have an accidental key paul? >> germ any if you look what they were saying earlier in the summer, the eurozone is fine, greece can leave. and i think they've changed their term worrying about the implications for the eurozone. so that makes me feel more confident about they'll get together. they'll get to greece the money they need. it's press department setting i suppose the issue the germans will have with it. so i think greece you don't have as to worry about for the next few years. >> do you agree, justin. >> >> yes, and i certainly agree with the point being worried about a default. we certainly saw a change in attitude when there was a lot of political upheaval in greece. the potential contagion from that gave a big shot to the political class and they want t
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am EST
election. aussie dollar still on this 1.04 mark. that's where we stand right now here in europe. what about what's happening in asia? nice to see her back. sixuan is with us. >> yeah, good to see you, ross. most asian markets eked out modest gains after recent losses. the shanghai composite turned higher in the afternoon, allowing investors to wait the unveiling of that committee tomorrow. paper producers rallied with raw materials costs for the sector expected the decline. we saw broad based gains in hong kong, but next media shares plunged 13% before trading halted. in japan, the nikkei ended just a touch higher after falling for seven straight sessions. sharp shares surged 7% on reports of a possible tie-up with intel and qualcomm, but banking shares were under pressure ahead of earnings, mostly out after the bell. elsewhere, the kospi finished higher by about a quarter of a percent. teches and autos outperformed. costco shares ended flat. taiwan finished marginally in the green. the aussie market snapped a four-day losing streak with banks and utilities lending support. ross, back to yo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6